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Visual Identification

The symbol, sign or brand identified with a given field, performing its function and stands out from the chaos of other symbols, should not be accidental. The key element in the approach to the entire project is an individual assessment of the leading business values and a broader analysis. Directing the style, specifying the target group, and choosing colors justify preliminary, creative sketches. Only after this stage is it possible to further develop the vision, which will result in the intended effect.

VISUAL IDENTIFICATION plays an important role – a coherent image of the company, formal etiquette which is fundamental an irreplaceable during in the presentation.

FLORENCJA logo design and graphic design of materials for the Foundation for the Promotion of Digitization and Development of Care Standards. The concept of the sign was inspired by Florence Nightingale, the creator of modern nursing and a social activist, who was also called “The Lady with the Lamp”.

Design of a logo referring to the heraldry for Collegium Prometricum.

Rodonet – logo design plus visual identification of book and binder covers.

Graphic design of the logo for AI MBA – options.

Visual identification of the books series, binder design and advertising gadget.

Graphic designs for the visual identification of kindergartens Bird Radio – logo, animation and illustrations.


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